Writing a 4-Step Love Letter to Your Body

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

By Corinne Wainer (Founder), Ed.M., CPT, E-RYT, YACEP, KRI | LinkedIn

The journey toward body love is windy, sometimes arduous, surprising, passionate, and because of such a multiplex history can often be hard to master or sum up in words. Here is a letter-writing activity to do as often as needed that will foster greater adoration and appreciation of the skin you're in.

Photo by Emma Lorraine Bilmes

1. A foundation of love: Start with what love means to you. Write out your vision of love. For me, external features and scenarios are fleeting so the truest form of love relates more to foundation and essence: “Love is a profound adoration and fascination with the soul of things as they shift through life’s phases; it’s being utterly held, playful, and honest as support systems for love’s exponential freedoms.”

2. The mirror and the pen: Draw an outline of your body on paper and have it handy as you stand in front of a mirror. Starting at your feet, note each quality of you that you feel proud or at ease about. Note also each quality of you that you don’t feel as okay with. Attempt not to judge yourself and instead remain a loving observer. In your letter, write about all the things you liked and how they’ve bettered your life. Next, write about all the “less than ideal” facets and (drum roll) how they’ve bettered your life too.

3. Doing great so far but time to make a u-turn: Revisit the parts you feel challenged by and write to forgive the stories around them. How did you get them? Do they relate to a person? A societal message? Do they reflect inner turmoil? You’re welcome here to express your anger, confusion, annoyance, despair, and also your forgiveness for these influences on your body you’re still not cool with [note: in forgiveness work both full expression of uncomfortable feelings and also finding the humanity in - though not necessarily excusing - the thing you’re forgiving are both essential].

4. Creating a new way to adore your physique: To close, return to your vision of love and apply it to your body. I’ll use mine as an example: “I will take time in my day to simply thank and adore my body. I love acts of service. I love quality time. This will be using our @shaktibarre app, soft silks and bath’s bubbles, and self-hugs and rubs. When my body changes, I will remain curious. My body deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated completely with colorful foods and attentive and creative lovemaking and when she speaks to me, I’ll trust her truth and listen. With this love for my body, I’ll feel free as flowers to continually bloom.


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