Developing Consistently Supportive "Body Thoughts" Betters Your Fitness

By Corinne Wainer (Founder), Ed.M., CPT, E-RYT, YACEP, KRI | LinkedIn

Loving yourself actually helps your workout! Seriously, picture a world where you’re so focused on the things you don’t like about yourself that you’re actually being distracted from your full flexibility, strength, emotional fulfillment, and personal results during exercise... that world is called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and we see it ALL THE TIME in barre and yoga classes which is one reason we do things a little differently around here...

CD is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change” = you working out to feel good but actually thinking shitty thoughts of yourself, you working out out to engage in community but either judging everyone around you and/or comparing your body to everyone around you, you working out for a goal but sabotaging that goal with inconsistency, you working out to realize mental peace but criticizing your own form/pace the whole time.⁣

If you’re going to make time to move your GORGEOUS and CAPABLE body, make time to think on some things that make you proud of yourself — think: “I have the opportunity to engage in this yoga or barre class” vs. “I’m doing this class because I suck and need to fix something.” ⁣

The "Journal of Social and Personality Psychology" says we can only say NO to things if we’re sincerely motivated by them longterm and we can only say YES to things if we’re sincerely motivated by them longterm... thus increasing our grip on ourselves by way of berating self-talk in class is the perfect way to get exactly what you don’t want. Take some time and let this marinate, then try starting with loving aspects of you that you TRULY believe in like:⁣

• I’m proud for showing up⁣

• I did a little more today than yesterday ⁣

• I took a break when I needed to⁣

• I really do feel better⁣

• I deserve to move my body!⁣

Can you incorporate one of these phrases into your daily workout routine? If so, which one resonates with you most?


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