Measurable Barre Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

By Corinne Wainer (Founder), Ed.M., CPT, E-RYT, YACEP, KRI | LinkedIn

Barre has sooo many quantifiable benefits. Yes, weight loss is one when part of balanced nutrition. And yet, we love exploring barre benefits that go beyond just that! Adapted from “Barre Fitness” the book, here’s a list of healthful barre advantages you can track:⁣

1. Increases Bone Density which can decrease our risk of osteoporosis and limit our chances of bone fractures 🦴

2. Increases Muscle Density that we otherwise lose a little bit of each year. Muscles help us function strongly, produce energy, and factor into our metabolism 💪⁣

3. Improves Muscle Elasticity (which decreases with age) by reducing inflammation as muscles “stretch without straining” one another or their tendon friends and improve in range of motion 🌀

4. Improves Access to Shaping Bodies at Any Size if desired by uniquely focusing on isometric pulses abs holds to target a greater surface area of muscles and balance out muscular structure 🤓

5. Increases Therapeutic Elements such as making us less injury-prone, asks for precision and alignment to improve our focus, and necessitates deep breathing that helps alleviate stress and worry 🧪 ⁣

6. Increases Physical Resilience in mothers by setting a safe, low-impact foundation for strength and exercise before, during, and after babies (always consult your doctor first!) 🤰🏽⁣

7. Increases Cardiovascular Health by increasing oxygen uptake throughout our system in a conscious state of physical stress — aka the barre moves themselves — while allowing us to modify harder or take it easier on a given day depending on our own most ideal heart rate range 💦

8. Oh and, increases balance of course! 🌳

Which one of these excites you most? Any additional non-weight loss benefits to add?⁣


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