8 Toxic Traits Disguised as Women's Empowerment

By Corinne Wainer (Founder), Ed.M., CPT, E-RYT, YACEP, KRI | LinkedIn

We all want to be empowered, right? On the path to empowerment is of course unveiling what we know we don't know and often what we don't even know we don't know. Toxic traits exist in all of us on our learning and healing journeys, so here is how to spot and re-route them before they begin to ambiguate (or even damage!) your personal and professional impact as a woman:

(1) When your “being fully expressed” includes initiating or tolerating gossip from women about women 👀

✨ Instead, say you suggest speaking directly with the woman in question and/or that she likely has her own story as well (then ask her about it!) 👍🏽

(2) When your professional work doesn’t align with how you act in real life 🙅🏻‍♀️

✨ If your career is about kindness but you are mean… if your daily responsibilities include leaning into contractions but you run away… if your LinkedIn says activist but you are passive… try embodying your own teachings first and/or taking a break from being an expert in them until your life reflects your work 💎

(3) When you “just know” but also haven’t actually asked 🤍

✨ As perceptive as our intuition can be that our ego mind is stronger. Fearlessly affirm your sense of innate knowing with direct asks 👌

(4) When “alignment with your purpose” is used as permission to not be inclusive 🌈

✨ In this era it’s preposterous to only preach about yourself as a divine goddess. How we uplift myriad voices matters now more than ever 🎤

(5) When you’ve only got 1 circle w/ the same ideas and values 👄

✨ We need cultural and social diversity in convos and other ways of relating. Humans resemble one another’s behavior over time without knowing it. Seek more than one circle to both honor and challenge an expansive worldview 🌍

(6) When otherness replaces humanness 🤔

✨ With empowerment usually comes downloads, boundaries, and increasingly blossoming uplevels yet these do not make us impervious to empathy, fuckery, and humility. Let’s not forget to treat ourselves and others as fallible beings doing their best on this clock-ticking earth ✔️

(7) Judging another’s level of empowerment 🤡

✨ For instance, one person’s greatest liberation may be nudity at the party and another’s may be clothes. Empowerment connects to our how and why more than anything 🔥

(8) Rituals sans attribution 🌱

✨ Honor the women who invented or inherited the empowerment practices and be mindful of your role in appropriation… it’s just that simple 🗣

Out of these 8 toxic traits, are there any you and/or anyone you know uphold right now? How can you move beyond them in a loving yet definitive way?


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