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We're livestreaming on Zoom! Plus, our official SHAKTI APP will launch in early 2021 at the latest and we do have a collection or 10 pre-recorded videos too. Meanwhile:

• Available 7 days/week and the reasons to partake in these classes are endless, from challenging your body at home, to assuring a workout without risking your safety, to staying in-tune with our community, to keeping yourself mentally at ease during great stress

• Our same signature sequencing and modifications, plus new moves each week!

• A team of highly curated teachers

• Classes ranging from 15-60 minutes to fit your busy schedule

Prices ranging from $16 or less/class depending on your income status right now

• A personalized email sent just before class with prop suggestions, encouragement, and sometimes giveaways

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Don't have a yoga mat?

Try a carpeted, wood, or tile floor instead

Need 1-4lb weights?

Try two soup cans!

Want the benefit of a core ball?

Grab a pillow or rolled up towel

Don't have a bolster?

One pillow works well

Wishing for a yoga blanket?

That same rolled up towel will do

No barre?

Head to a counter or chair

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our eclectic, experienced, dynamic, and thoughtful team is so excited to have you in class! See all 21 teacher bios on Mindbody



Tones, lengthens, and awakens your body and mind in our unique yoga-barre workout combining isometric ballet movements with vinyasa flow, chakra activation, and empowering meditation.

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Our vinyasa class strengthens, stretches, and aligns while our restorative class relaxes, luxuriates, and indulges.

Tones, lengthens, and awakens your body and mind in our unique yoga-barre workout combining isometric ballet movements with high intensity interval training, vinyasa flow, chakra activation, and empowering meditation.


Tones, lengthens, and awakens your body and mind in our unique yoga-barre workout combining isometric ballet movements, core-centric work, vinyasa flow, chakra activation, and empowering meditation.

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in all of NYC! 

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livestream feedback

"A tough at-home workout with that same amazing SHAKTI Community feeling!"

"I've been participating in the virtual classes and I gotta say I am really emjoying the format. I think it would be really cool if y'all to continue streaming classes even after this period of social distancing is over."

"These actual live classes are MAGICAL! Everyone I've joined this week has been full of energy, light, and positivity."

"SO very grateful the SHAKTIBARRE team has worked crazy hard to pull this together for us!"

"In a strange turn of events these classes are getting me to work out even more than I was before social isolation"



tips to motivate and empower you!

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code of ethics

All staff and students at SHAKTIBARRE must act with integrity, diligence, kindness and respect in their professional relationship with peers and fellow team members. They must also practice measurable inclusivity not only in their communication but in their interpersonal conduct inside and outside of the classroom. While one aspect entails giving space and time where necessary, the most reliable path to maintaining strong and clear bonds is to communicate directly, with curiosity, and with urgency. we actively welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. These groups include but are not limited to members of any race, ethnicity, gender identity and/or expression, culture, national origin, social or economic status, immigration status, age, body-size, and physical or mental ability. every single person engaging with shaktibarre in any way must understand that harassment and exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action. the shaktibarre team upholds these conscious practices as an exemplar for students to act and communicate in a similar manner that reflects the studio’s core values and ethical non-negotiables.

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