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SHAKTIBARRE started as a group of gal pals who felt mindfulness, self- expression,
inclusion, and just hanging out and having a good time were missing from barre workouts. This simple concept took on a life of it's own (it was built with $99K in crowdfunding, had 3 pre-pandemic studios, achieved 55 press hits, and upholds a 4.9 star rating across over 30,000 reviews) and became what one longtime student describes as "the most unique, impactful, truly whole mind-body fitness experience I’ve ever had. All these years later and I still talk about it like some mythical place." Our mission is this:   

A.k.a The Yoga-Barre Empowerment Hub (VOGUE, 2016), SHAKTIBARRE offers
effective, compassionate, and connected online barre and yoga classes for everybody while innovating our fitness industry through metrics that empower and include.

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Isometric moves maximize your time under tension, recruit 100% of your contractile tissue, are low-impact, and generally more efficient than traditional aerobic activity. At SHAKTIBARRE we further these principles via signature muscle sequences that our vibrant teachers frequently edit with fun, efficient, and creative moves so your body and mind stay engaged!

SHAKTIBARRE has a 5 year, award-winning legacy for infusing our workouts with body acceptance research. Through various in-class empowerment metrics, your barre and yoga experiences double as coaching sessions in loving the skin you're in. As per our mission statement above, we extend this "while-you-exercise higher purpose" beyond the mat and above the barre through an action-oriented gals community.

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1. Use it as your favorite app. If you're craving strength, take 3-4 classes per week and spend 2-3 days doing cardiovascular activities such as walking, jogging, swimming, hiking, biking, and dancing acceptance research. Is your goal toning and endurance instead? For that, simply flip the recommended amounts above so you're using our app 2-3 times weekly while doing cardio for up to 3-4 days.

2. Use it with other apps! You can follow the same samples as above and replace some strength days with a resistance-training app and/or cardiovascular activities with purely cardio platforms. We fully support mixing and matching.

3. Use it as your go-to travel app. As long as you can secure about 10Mbps of internet, SHAKTIBARRE will work wherever you go and really knows how to maximize the space of just your mat. Feel free to implement unconventional props on the road like soup cans for weights.

4. Use it as your only sorta wanna move your body app and know/trust that you can rely on us to help you do that even on tough days. Kindness goes a long way and we're all about it.

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Decide your membership level (Yearly Upfront for $230, 1-Month-At-A-Time Over 12 Months for $22.99, or a Weekly Package for $18) and purchase it here

Mobile App

Use the same login you created to access your classes either by mobile app and/or by browser on your phone or computer and make sure to agree to emails. P.S. the search feature is better in browser mode. P.P.S. contact us if you need anything at all!

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Need an overview of Yearly Upfront benefits (most affordable option) written as a cute Instagram post? Here you go, goddess: all the info 


Many options!

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The same options
as a grid

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Click here for ARCHIVED LIVE + PRE-RECORDED CLASSES on days you can't attend the live ones!



💪 8-8:30AM est BARREARMS 💦 5:30-6:15PM est HIITBARRE 45



💕 6:30-7:25PM est SHAKTIBARRE



💧 8-8:45AM est HIITBARRE 45 ✨ 7-7:30PM est STRETCH + TAROT



💕 8-8:30AM est SHAKTIBARRE









🌸 5:45-6:40PM est BLISSFLOW

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Effective, compassionate fitness tips coming your way!




YOUR shakti gals

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As a brand educator, psychologist, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience I measurably innovate companies through language-focused empowerment metrics. Modifying words, phrases, and messaging just so can shift entire outlooks and most notably, an organization's impact.

Also a writer and athlete since seemingly forever ago, my projects often fall into two worlds: wellness—with current major clients being American Fitness Professionals and Associates and my company of 5 years (the award-winning SHAKTIBARRE) that I co-lead alongside 11 phenomenal ladies—and/or branding for which I consult SUPER*MEGA*BOSS on their neuroscience-meets-surprisingly-fun professional development content.

Inevitably, movement and communication found additional dream partnerships for me in working toward PhD studentship at The New School. While studying Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology and being a research member of both the Gender and Health Lab and Language and Interaction Lab, I explore the necessary integration of self-compassionate “fit talk” within women's fitness ranging from product experience to consumer engagement. Simultaneously, I'm examining anxiety, motivation, and the way all variables involved fluctuate across different somatic and cultural contexts.

With great humility and an ever-expanding desire to learn and serve, the above initiatives have reached thousands over the years and have been featured in 50+ press hits (VOGUE, The New York Times, VICE, Self Magazine, Well+Good's 2021 Changemakers, etc).

Each day, I re-commit to excelling voices and missions via language curation as a powerful tool for wellness, education, and change.

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