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We – educational psychologist and former 4-sport athlete Corinne Wainer and integrative health coach and businesswoman Shauny Lamba –launched Shakti in August 2016 and feel blessed to work with an incredible team of 21 teachers and Assistant Paige Hexton, over 25,000 students, and various press and speaking engagements on empowering fitness experiences and transforming the workout industry. Thank you for barre and yoga-ing with us and for staying engaged!


Corinne + Shauny


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$15-$26 (or $7.68-$12.50 on Auto-Renew when taking 4 classes per week)

Tones / lengthens / awakens your

body and mind


vinyasa flow


$15-$26 (or $7.68-$12.50 on Auto-Renew when taking 4 classes per week)

Strengthens / stretches / aligns your

body and mind

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shaktibarre barre, yoga, & ballet
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Learn / commit / daily text lessons to shift your behavior

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$16 (or $7.25 on Auto-Renew when taking 4 classes per week)

At SHAKTIBARRE you'll feel effective, compassionate, and connected in your unique physique. Our classes are rigorous yet modifiable for all bodies and further your sustainable results through key empowerment metrics. For example, students who explore emotion and energy are 52% more likely to embrace their self-value, which leads to overall greater consistency. Our classes –currently livestreaming barre, yoga, HIIT, core, and restorative workouts and/or try this collection of 10 pre-recorded videos – and community go above the barre and beyond the mat. We work out to work in, together.

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this student came looking for a space that felt like being home in her own body:

 "Wonderful community and excellent teachers
 - feel so at home in this place."




Our single classes are $16 or less based on your income because high-quality fitness should be accessible to everybody. Interested in supporting our Sliding-Scale Price Program? All these products help subsidize costs!



Our eclectic team, while trained in each signature sequence, are diverse in background and expertise. We lead from a place of true listening and clear communication so as to meet you where you are and work out from there. Being kind while keeping it real is our thing.

rigorous yet



We support barre and yoga classes that are rigorous but adaptable for all bodies. Many moves are presented with both a lower impact and a more vigorous version, with cueing that makes either option available to you at any moment. 



Inherent in the word "Shakti"  the female principle of divine energy – our workouts are meant to inspire a sacred, more expressive, and emotionally in-depth version of you. Attuned to your greater purpose more and more with each class, you'll be of equally greater service to your community.


Please enjoy these self-care finds we regularly curate and update for you! Many are made by some of our closest friends. Plus, each purchase helps to subsidize the cost of our Sliding-Scale Price Program making high-quality fitness classes accessible to everybody


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nyc gyms are under strict orders to stay closed right now, which includes no students on-site even to rent equipment or get their mats. though we have already had to close one of our studio locations permanently during the pandemic, we will not take the risk of opening our last remaining studio until it is deemed safe and feasible to resume on-site. 

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code of ethics

All staff and students at SHAKTIBARRE must act with integrity, diligence, kindness and respect in their professional relationship with peers and fellow team members. They must also practice measurable inclusivity not only in their communication but in their interpersonal conduct inside and outside of the classroom. While one aspect entails giving space and time where necessary, the most reliable path to maintaining strong and clear bonds is to communicate directly, with curiosity, and with urgency. we actively welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. These groups include but are not limited to members of any race, ethnicity, gender identity and/or expression, culture, national origin, social or economic status, immigration status, age, body-size, and physical or mental ability. every single person engaging with shaktibarre in any way must understand that harassment and exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action. the shaktibarre team upholds these conscious practices as an exemplar for students to act and communicate in a similar manner that reflects the studio’s core values and ethical non-negotiables.

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