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SHAKTIBARRE started as a group of gal pals who felt mindfulness, self- expression,
inclusion, and just hanging out and having a good time were missing from barre workouts. This simple concept took on a life of it's own (built with $99K in crowdfunding, had 3 studios, lanched an app, upholds 55 press hits, maintains a 4.9 star rating across over 30,000 reviews, and is what one longtime student describes as "the most unique, impactful, truly whole mind-body fitness experience I’ve ever had. All these years later
and I still talk about it like some mythical place." Our mission is this:   

SHAKTIBARRE (a.k.a. The Yoga-Barre Empowerment Hub (VOGUE, 2016), offers
effective, compassionate, and connected online barre and yoga classes for everybody while innovating our fitness industry through metrics that empower and include.

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Isometric moves maximize your time under tension, recruit 100% of your contractile tissue, are low-impact, and generally more efficient than traditional aerobic activity. At SHAKTIBARRE we further these principles via signature muscle sequences that our vibrant teachers frequently edit with fun, efficient, and creative moves so your body and mind stay engaged!

SHAKTIBARRE has a 7 year, award-winning legacy for infusing our workouts with body acceptance research. Through various in-class empowerment metrics, your barre and yoga experiences double as coaching sessions in loving the skin you're in. As per our mission statement above, we extend this "while-you-exercise higher purpose" beyond the mat and above the barre through an action-oriented gals community.

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1. Go to our free YouTube Channel, then after enjoying classes please subscribe/ comment!

2. You can watch our videos from your computer browser, phone browser, or in the YouTube App. We sorted them from longest to shortest session in each class type, but you can also filter by newest/oldest.

3. If you have any questions simply chat to us belowWe're happy to hear from you!


Looking forward to staying connected 💪💕

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As a 4-sport athlete and researcher of integrating self-compassionate “fit talk” within women's exercise ranging from product experience to consumer engagement, I examine anxiety, motivation, and the way all variables involved fluctuate across different somatic and cultural contexts when it comes to how women perceive their bodies. I'm currently writing a book on these topics with the working title 𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘉𝘰𝘥𝘺 𝘛𝘢𝘭𝘬.


It is an absolute honor and pleasure to move alongside our incredible teachers and community of students - without them SHAKTIBARRE wouldn't be possible (and with the expert strategy and integral help of former Co-Founder Shauny Lamba). Together we're the goddesses of fitness with purpose!

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